Patches can be used for decoration on apparel such as hats, caps, bags, and backpacks or sold individually as a collectible item. Types of patches include embroidered patches, woven label patches, sublimated patches, screen printed patches, rubber patches, and leather patches.

Embroidered patches are a common type of patch and classic decoration method. Embroidered patches provide a higher level of detail than custom embroidery or direct embroidery and give hats a nice look. Embroidered patches are trendy and offer fashion-conscious customers a cool alternative to some custom decoration methods.

Embroidered patches can be applied to hats and apparel via stitching by thread and needle or via heat press. Embroidered patches can be made into various shapes to accommodate different types of logos and designs.

Woven patches offer a higher level of detail than embroidered patches. Woven patches may give your hat or cap a sleeker look.  Woven patches come in various shapes similar to embroidered patches and may be stitched or heat pressed to the hat.

Sublimated patches are a newer type of patch and work well for multi-color, intricate logos with small details. Sublimated patches can be created in multiple shapes and sizes and may be applied to hats or apparel via stitching or heat press. Sublimated patches can also be embroidered on or combined with embroidery to add more decoration to the patch.

Screen printed patches offer a clean look with classic style. Screen printed patches are best for logos with a few colors and moderate level of detail. Screen printed patches cannot be heat pressed to the hats and should be stitched.

Rubber patches are high quality patches and offer hats a bold and technical look. Rubber patches offer a nice level of dimension to designs. Rubber patches are ideal for multi-colored logos with a moderate level of detail. Rubber patches can come in various shapes (circular, oval, square, complex) and may be applied by stitching or heat.

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