Embroidery is a popular and common decoration method, especially for headwear such as hats, caps, and beanies. Types of embroidery include flat embroidery and 3D puff embroidery. 3D embroidery is also sometimes known as raised embroidery.

Embroidery refers to the process of using a thread and needle to stitch a design or logo onto an apparel item. For embroidery, a custom logo can be embroidered onto a hat or stock embroidery designs can be used as a fast and easy way to decorate caps. Stock embroidery designs may be of common designs, objects, and text that can be easily modified or changed to fit your desired decoration. Stock team letters and stock fonts can be used as well to create professional looking hats for your sports team.

  • A grey baseball cap with a flat embroidery depicting a bison silhouette filled with the American flag pattern

    Custom/Flat Embroidery

  • A black baseball cap with a 3D puff embroidery showing a stylized fish skeleton above GPS coordinates.

    3D Puff Embroidery

  • A navy blue baseball cap with a red raised letter "W" embroidered in a college font.

    Stock Team Letters

  • A black baseball cap with a circular patch embroidery featuring the text "Barking Hound Village" around the top, a crown icon in the center, and a bone icon beneath.

    Embroidered Patch

Embroidery can accommodate many different designs and several thread colors and also provides a lasting decoration on hats or apparel. Embroidery will not easily wear out and is a durable decoration option. Since embroidery uses a thread and needle, finely detailed designs may be limited in the resolution for embroidery and alternative decoration methods may be preferred.

Use embroidery to produce custom embroidered hats, custom embroidered beanies, custom embroidered shirts, custom embroidered caps, custom embroidered knit hats, custom embroidered polo shirts, custom embroidered jackets, custom embroidered towels, custom embroidered bags, and more.

  • Black cap with pink logo beside a matching black hoodie on a white surface.
  • Yellow IRWIN duffel bag with black straps on a wooden shelf.
  • Orange beanie with Barking Hound Village logo.
  • Black cap with red 'Illinois Valley Fire District' text and Richardson tag.
  • Navy beanie with red and white 'VX' logo and Decky tag.
  • Red and black trucker hat with Moneysworth logo and Richardson tag.
  • Gray cap with 'M&J Heavy Transports LLC' logo and Snapback tag.
  • Blue and gray trucker hat with 'CKSM INC. Mechanical' logo and Richardson tag.
  • Black cap with 'Blood, Sweat & Oil' logo and Richardson tag.
  •  Gray and white trucker hat with 'Eichberger Application Plainview, NE' text.
  • Navy and red cap with a white 'W' logo and Decky tag.
  • Brown and tan bucket hat with 'MAR' logo by the beach, Richardson tag.
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