Why Are Richardson Hats So Popular?

Why Are Richardson Hats So Popular?

Richardson is a leading manufacturer and popular brand of blank and custom headwear, hats, and caps, based in Oregon. Richardson hats are popular with many lifestyle brands and companies who customize the hats with branding, personal logos, and then resell them or use for company hats, promotional caps, team hats, and more. Some of Richardson's best selling styles are the 112, 115, 112FP, 256, 112P, and 168.

Richardson caps are popular due to their competitive prices, quality materials and craftsmanship used in making the caps, being available in a large number of colors and unique colorways, and a wide variety of inventory across major apparel distributors and Richardson authorized dealers.

Richardson has established themselves as more of a lifestyle and fashion brand focusing on premium headwear and this has led to a strong following and popularity with their products.

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