What is Stitch Count? Embroidery Stitch Count

What is Stitch Count? Embroidery Stitch Count

Stitch count refers to the total number of stitches used to create a logo or design. Larger size logos will have larger stitch counts and smaller size logos will have smaller stitch counts.

Most custom apparel retailers, custom apparel companies, and embroidery shops include up to 6,000 stitches or up to 10,000 stitches for custom logo apparel products. For stitch counts greater than 6,000 or greater than 10,000, companies usually apply an additional charge per for every 1,000 stitches over.

The more stitches a logo has, the more embroidery thread it uses and it takes much longer to stitch the logo, which costs more in labor. Labor and paying employees is a significant cost in embroidery.

Stitch counts are commonly used for embroidering on apparel products such as hats, caps, shirts, jackets, bags, polos, and more.

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