What is Debossed Leather Patch? Debossing Meaning

What is Debossed Leather Patch? Debossing Meaning

Debossing is an imprint method that utilizes a die and applies pressure to the front side of a product's surface. The die has your design shaped on it and when the die is pressed into the product, the design becomes indented and recessed in the surface. Debossing results in a design that is stamped down and indented into the material.

Debossed leather patches use a die or stamp and the logo is stamped with ink into the leather. Debossed leather patches can use genuine leather or faux leather and have various debossed imprint colors (commonly black or dark brown).

Debossed leather patches are normally offered in simple shapes and the debossed leather is stitch applied to the apparel item such as a hat, jacket, bag, or backpack. Using a heat press to apply debossed leather patches risks damaging the leather patch due to the ink stamped on the leather. Debossed leather patches are preferred for logos with a moderate level of detail. 

Related to debossing is embossing, which is raising a design on a surface. This provides for a three-dimensional look and requires two dies. One die pushes through the material from underneath with another die on top.


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