Embroidered Patches vs. Woven Patches - What is the Difference?

Embroidered Patches vs. Woven Patches - What is the Difference?

Woven patches provide a higher level of detail than embroidered patches and give a more refined look. Woven patches use thinner threads compared to embroidered patches and the thinner thread allows for a tighter weave and more detail. The thinner threads in woven patches provide a flatter appearance, cleaner lines, and a less overall thick patch compared to embroidered patches.

Embroidered patches are stitched with a thicker thread and more densely or tightly together. This not only results in a thicker patch, but also sometimes a raised look for the design or slightly 3D. For greater detail and smaller patches, woven patches are a great alternative as they can accommodate greater detail without losing as much resolution compared to embroidered patches. Also, as a result of the thinner patches, woven patches are more flexible than embroidered patches and may be more easily applied to apparel items such as uniforms and hats.

Embroidered Patch Examples

Woven Patch Examples


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