Custom Embroidered Hats vs. Custom Patch Hats

Custom Embroidered Hats vs. Custom Patch Hats

Custom embroidery and custom patches are both popular customization methods for hats, caps, and headwear. Embroidery has been the most traditional decoration and embellishment method for hats, but patches are a trendy decoration option and come in many patch types. Custom embroidery types include flat embroidery and 3D/puff embroidery. Custom patch types include sublimated patches, woven patches, embroidered patches, leather patches, and PVC (rubber) patches.

Custom patch hats can accommodate slightly greater detailed logos than custom embroidered hats. For logos with a lot of complexity, logos similar to pictures, or logos with smaller details, the logos may come out better with custom patch hats. In terms of pricing, custom embroidered hats are usually lower cost than custom patch hats. The patches on custom patch hats can either be heat applied or stitched directly onto the cap.

Custom patches stand up more on hats compared to embroidery. Some customers may prefer the lower, flatter look of embroidery or customers may prefer the patch, since it is more noticeable and offers a coo look. Embroidery on custom hats leaves stitching behind the front hat panel. For custom patch hats, there will not be any stitching behind the front panel if the patch is heat applied or minimal stitches if the patch is stitched.

For custom embroidered hats, flat embroidery or 2D embroidery stitches the logo onto the hat with a needle and thread. Many thread colors can be used for embroidery and the stitching is normally durable and will last a long time. 3D embroidery or puff embroidery uses a foam backing material to raise the stitching and make it stand out from the hat. 3D embroidery can add a nice quality touch to hats, but can only be used for simpler logos. Logos with smaller details and more intricate lines will need to use flat embroidery.

For custom patch hats, embroidered patches are a common type of patch and provide a high level of detail than custom embroidery. Woven patches offer a higher level of detail than embroidered patches and can give your hat a sleek look. Woven patches use a thinner thread than embroidered patches, which allows the for more detail than regular embroidered patches. Sublimated patches work well for multi-color, detailed logos. For sublimated patches, also known as printed patches, the ink is infused directly into the patch fabric and allows for a wide range of colors, photo-like imagery, and a smooth look. PVC or rubber patches are high quality patches and can offer a bold and technical look for hats. Rubber patches offer a cool level of dimension to hats and work with multi-colored logos with a moderate level of detail.

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